Katy Cox Yoga

Yoga is a journey to the Self through the self

As a student and a teacher I am constantly humbled by the potent effect that this ancient practice has on the lives of those who are called to practice. I have experienced continual personal transformation and witnessed the the same in my students and fellow practitioners.

Asana or yoga postures help with improving muscle tone, build bone density, encourage joint stability and flexibility and can help reset the nervous system. Through regular practice the body becomes more resilient to modern day stresses and one becomes more aware of posture and general alignment.

Yoga is about more than arranging your body into complex postures. It is a way of thinking and showing up in the world that enables a state of constant change and self awareness.

Katy Cox Yoga

Everessence Yoga

I endeavor to bring a sense of creativity, flow and self inquiry to my classes. I invite students to find those parts of themselves that they often neglect. Be that quieting the busy mind, engaging muscles in a new way or simply finding peace in a balancing posture.

Through the creative use of props, space and sound I share a journey and a sense of gifting time back those who show up on the mat.

It is time to learn how to ‘slow things down and learn once again how to go from a state of human-doing to a state of human-being

Katy Cox Yoga

Private or small group classes

I offer one to one classes, tailored to all levels, all bodies and all abilities. Yoga is available to anyone who can manage to sit upright!

I offer a variety of styles including:

  • Hatha
  • Active Vinyasa style
  • Yin
  • Restorative
  • Therapeutics
  • Yoga Nidra / guided meditation

To book me for a retreat please enquire directly using contact form
See retreats page for upcoming offerings

Katy Cox Yoga
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Yoga Retreats

Immersing in a yoga retreat is one of the best ways to advance your practice and benefit from a supportive group setting.

Depending on the focus of the retreat the yoga classes are tailored to complement other activities and to meet the needs and level of the group as a whole.

Katy Cox Yoga

Nature immersions, taking yoga off the mat and back into nature

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, and is not limited to movement and breathwork. It encompasses compassionate works, selfless service and awareness of the wider web of life that connects us all.

By practicing out in nature we are able to get a greater sense of how we are affected by the elements and how we can draw on these to help nourish and restore us body, mind and spirit.

Katy Cox Yoga

Yoga therapy massage

This technique is a blend of Thai yoga massage, trigger point therapy and Shiatsu. Formulated by Indra Kate of the Pavones Yoga institute, this methodology works to release tight and sore muscles, create better energy flow in the body and provide a deep state of relaxation. This deeply restorative treatment is performed oriental style, fully clothed on a soft floor mat. It is especially effective for those with an active lifestyle or those needing that extra little TLC.

I often incorporate the use of crystals and Therapeutic essential oils as an when requested.

Treatments can be booked as part of a retreat package or as a stand alone treatment
60mins or 90mins

Yoga with Katy Cox