Scilla – Maine, USA

I first met Katy five summers ago. It was immediately clear that she is special. She embodies three words: generosity of spirit….and it never stops! She has worked for my family as both chef and nutritional advisor and is always bringing new and exciting food and ideas to our table!  She not only walks her … Read more

Paul – Chef, Spain

I have collaborate with katy on several projects over the years. It was a pleasure to work with Katy on a large catering event a couple years ago. She was very professional and totally composed under pressure.  What could have turned out to be a very stressful event ran like clockwork under Katy’s direction. Well … Read more

Brittany – London / Aus

Katy is one of the most inspirational women I know, and a true wellness goddess! Since our first messages I felt a warmth of support and trust wrap around me. She has gone above and beyond to help me in so many areas of my life, and I know she will always be there for … Read more

Natalie – Chef, Granada, Spain

As a fellow Chef I admire both the quality and consistency of Katy’s work as well as her attention to detail. She has the skills to operate under pressure and with the added ingredient of her her nutritional training she executes not only beautiful food but with the added health promoting value. She is creative … Read more

Julian – Lawrenceville, USA

Katy is a colleague, friend and mentor.  She is a trusted ally on my human journey and is a gift to all those she comes in contact with.  Her compassion is unparalleled, knowledge base extensive and insight informative and impactful.  There are very few people I trust on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level… … Read more

Nick – London

Nick from London I have known Katy in both a personal and professional capacity for more years than I care to remember. As a restaurateur, I have experience of chefs who have varying degrees of skill and passion. I can say without question Katy is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable chefs I have … Read more

Dejan De Zoysa – Sri Lanka

Dejan De Zoysa, Sri Lanka It has been the greatest privilege to have had the opportunity to interact with Katy at a stage in my life when I was searching for vast improvement in my capacity as an endurance athlete. Katy’s advice, additions and enhancement to my diet allowed for a more wholesome and stress … Read more

Erin – San Rafael California

Erin, San Rafael California Katy has been instrumental in supporting me getting back to better health and wellbeing. Katy supplied me with simple, affordable, and effective nutritional and herbal remedies that helped me rebound from chronic fatigue, pain, and imbalances in my body. Katy is direct, compassionate, insightful in her knowledge and efficient in the … Read more

Mariya – owner of Nalu Nosara, Costa Rica

Mariya, owner of Nalu Nosara, Costa Rica I’ve had the pleasure to not only attend several of Katy’s yoga classes and receive a wonderful massage, but to get to know Katy on a personal level. She has engaged my kids to create healthy snacks in the kitchen that they actually want to eat. Katy has … Read more

Angela – Spain

Angela, Spain I never imagined that someone standing on me could feel so good! The Yoga therapy massage that Katy gave me to was phenomenal. I eagerly anticipate my next treatment!