Detox, liquid fasting and Cleanses

Katy Cox nutrition


The word detox has long been associated with clearing unwanted substances from our systems and resetting our personal health.
Today’s world is overburdened with man made and industrial toxins, these have reached a critical state in our environment and also in our bodies.
It is the view of many in the alternative health community that detoxification is an ever more necessary protocol to maintaining and promoting vital health and wellbeing. Everessence approaches detox from a multidimensional stance, working with our inner and outer worlds to remove toxins and replace with health supporting practices and products.
Through addressing personal detoxification we are also better able to support the planet in her efforts to cope with the increasing burden that we place upon her.

Katy Cox DetoxDetox your world

  • Kitchen detox and restock: foods, equipment and cleaning products
  • Household detox and decluttering
  • Personal detox: self care products and cosmetics
  • Physical detox / juice cleanses, raw food detox and additional practices
  • Dependency detox: Caffeine, sugar, animal foods, refined foods
  • Digital detox and implementing safer boundaries with electro magnetic frequencies

These services can be requested individually or as part of a personalised programme. Available for households, businesses and commercial premises